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What is a virtual tour ?

The virtual tour is a special kind of photograph that displays the place in maximal angle of view of 360x180°. This way, you can see everything around you, above and bellow you. You can move the virtual tour in any direction using mouse or keyboard.

What is an interactive virtual tour ?

Linking 2 or more virtual tours creates interactive virtual tour. Linking can be done with arrows.

What do I need to display virtual tour ?

You need adobe flash player version 9 or higher.

How do I control the virtual tour ?

Click to the virtual tour area and with left mouse down move in any direction. The picture will start turning in that direction. You can also zoom in and out using buttons or by pressing SHIFT and CTRL keys.

What is a fullscreen?

When you click the FULLSCREEN buttons, the virtual tour will expand to fill the screen. This is the best way to display virtual tours and it is highly recommended.